Executive Committee

Chair: P.J. O’Dwyer

Treasurer: Don Carbaugh

Chairman Emeritus: Cliff Werline

RD 1 Chair: Randy Westergren

RD 4 Chair: Greg Luna

RD 6 Chair: Hildi Bachtle

RD 7 Chair: Eric Braunstein

RD 10 Chair: Marc Wienner

RD 12 Chair: Ermanno DiLorenzo

Candidate Development Chair: Judy Travis

Communication Chair: Michael Cawley

Electoral Capability Chair: Marc Wienner

RD 1 Vice Chair: Greg Gergen

RD 4 Vice Chair: Rob Keesler

RD 6 Vice Chair: Sande Caton

RD 7 Vice Chair: Vicki Gawiak

RD 10 Vice Chair: Judy Travis

RD 12 Vice Chair: Charles Talkowski

Legislative Working Group Chair: Brent Burdge

Program & Outreach Chair: Erin Wienner

Northern New Castle County Region Republican Committee


 The Northern New Castle County Region Republican Committee is one of three committees making up the Republican Party in New Castle County, and is one of the five regional committees of the Republican State Committee of the State of Delaware.