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Libertarian Party of Delaware applauds State Senator Greg Lavelle's opposition to Wilmington gun control measures

Citing conflicts with Delaware Code limitations on municipalities imposing their own firearms bans, State Senator Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley) on Monday criticized the Wilmington City Council's efforts to pass mandatory gun registration and other radical gun control measures.

"The Libertarian Party of Delaware applauds Senator Lavelle for standing firm on 2nd Amendment rights," said Scott Gesty, the party's spokesman. "The proposals being considered by the City Council violate not only the Constitution, but also existing State laws. If enacted, the sole consequence of these provisions would be to disarm law-abiding citizens."

Gesty noted that over 400 Libertarians voted in the 2012 election in Senate District 12, where Republican Lavelle won a highly contested election against his Democratic opponent. "Pro-Freedom and pro-Constitution stances matter a lot to Libertarians," Gesty said.

The proposed gun control measures would not only require the registration of all firearms in Wilmington, but would also ban "assault weapons," high-capacity magazines, institute mandatory reporting of gun thefts, initiate mandatory background checks for all gun transfers, and prohibit citizens from carrying any weapons in certain areas of the city. The Libertarian Party of Delaware opposes all of these proposals.

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