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Letter to the Editor from State Rep. Deborah Hudson

Dear Editor,

As heated talks about how to balance our state budget grow hotter in the General Assembly, I wanted to share my views on the revenue aspect of the debate.

Gov. Markell is currently backing numerous proposals to hike taxes and raise fees, including increases in the personal income tax as well as reestablishing the estate tax (Death Tax).

More needs to be done to reduce state spending, eliminating, or at least moderating, the need for higher taxes.

However, should the General Assembly consider any tax bills, I strongly believe they should have a limited lifespan.

More than 30 years ago, the state enacted the gross receipts tax (Delaware’s hidden sales tax) as a temporary measure to raise money during a recession. Not only is that tax still with us, Gov. Markell is proposing to increasing it.

Like milk, tax bills should be stamped with a firm expiration date because, like milk, taxes that linger too long tend to become offensive.


State Representative Deborah Hudson

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